How Tech is Helping Motorbike

Few things compare to the thrill of riding a motorbike on an open highway. The sound of the engine and the passing scenery make you forget everything else and relish in the moment. Motorbikes are highly versatile machines. They are available in many types. For example there are superbikes that are built for speed and scooters which are built for convenience. Manufacturers go to great lengths so as to design and construct these bikes for us. Here are some examples of how modern technology helps them to accomplish this.

Big data analysis

Superbike manufacturers collect as much data as possible about the bikes. This is so that they can build better ones. They pitch tent at superbike competitions and collect information during the races. Modern technology helps them to collect data about the suspension, temperature of the oil, pressure in the brakes as well as the behavior of the engine control unit. This is all made possible by using micro sensors distributed all over the superbike’s components. With this data, they learn about the bike and how to make it perform better.

Advanced tire manufacturing materials

The tires are a very important part of the motorbike. This is especially so in bikes that are made for competition. To ensure high performance, manufacturers are using technology to combine up to 10 different compounds in the rubber used to make the tire. This helps them to create tires that can respond to the temperature, layout of the road and the quality of tarmac. This increases the responsiveness of the motorbike and boosts the safety of the rider.

The electronic control unit

Microcomputers are capable of a lot. They are currently used in motorbikes to monitor the performance of its varied systems. Modern motorbikes have a technological component known as the Electronic Control Unit. It manages the traction of the bike, maps the throttle and assists with automatic braking. This assists the rider to stay safe and enjoy better fuel efficiency on their bike.


Aluminum die cast motorbike frame technology

Just as the chassis holds everything together on a car, the bike frame holds everything in a motorbike. It has to be very strong and rigid to promote handling. Thanks to technology, very strong frames are currently being manufactured using a method of casting aluminum. This metal is light and strong. As a result, motorbikes are easier to handle and safer to ride.


Electronic control of the throttle

The throttle in a motorbike determines how much fuel gets into the bike engine. Traditionally, this has been controlled by a wire mechanism. Today, electronics are used to determine the throttle of the bike. When the rider wants more power, their actions are monitored by sensors and analyzed by the Electronic Control Unit. This one checks the gear, speed and then produces the ideal amount of throttle for the rider.


Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights

The headlamps and indicators are very important parts of the motorbike. The brighter they are the better. Thanks to technology, there are bright types of lights known as LEDs. They are implemented in adaptive headlights on motorcycles. Thus allows the rider to see around bends as they ride.


Touchscreen technology

Gone are the days of the analog dials on motorbikes. Today, touchscreens have replaced these dials. Bright and intuitive, they provide the rider with all the information that they need to know about their bike. Speed, mileage and gears are all indicated on it. This technology assists the manufacturers since its attractiveness and convenience promotes sales.


Liquid cooling technology

Initially, motorbike engines were cooled using air. This was only effective for a short period of time before the bike’s engine got damaged by overheating on hot summer days. Today, liquid cooling technology is being used by manufacturers. It makes the engines quieter and the ride more comfortable for the rider. This translates into sales for the manufacturers.


Motorbike stability control

One of the main concerns of motorbike owners is whether the bike will be stable as they ride it around bends or at high speeds. Modern technology has made it so. Manufacturers are applying some technology known as Bosch stability control on their bikes. It monitors traction. If there is a loss of this quality, the system applies the brakes to restore stability for the rider. This helps the manufacturers to create better, higher quality bikes.

Automated manufacturing processes

Computers and robots can work together to perform the job that factory workers do. Manufacturers are currently applying this technology in areas of their plants that require repetitive actions. This saves time and money that could have been paid on human resources. It also increases build quality of the motorbikes by reducing errors to zero.

Modern technology has assisted motorbike manufacturers in a big way. They are able to produce quality products using efficient methods. Not only does this increase the reliability of the bikes, it boosts sales for the manufacturer. This results in healthy profit margins and overall growth.


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